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My concept starts with my personal journey to find a workout routine, which helps me to come into balance physically as well as mentally. I have always been very sensitive on both levels, I did not find anything that suits me. I felt frustrated, lost and disoriented – which is why I know exactly how it feels not being in harmony both physically and mentally.

Since I have always been a dancer, I started to create my own workouts based on dancer safe flows and translated the natural movements of the body into my own “workout language”. Through this, I understood how the body changes through different movements and what influence they have to the design. Thus, I developed a soft and mindful Muscle Design Technique that balances us on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The mission has always been to create a place where all souls feel comfortable and secure and where they are not afraid to show themselves. That’s why this concept is very close to my heart – to create the connection between inspiring & motivating workout sessions and a place full of love & authenticity.



Following a process constantly is key to achieve your goals. For this your motivation is essential. Therefore a workout should be equal parts fun & effective. Physical & mental fitness is an opportunity to celebrate our bodies and enjoy our life. This holistic concept is suitable for everyone, wherever you are on your fitness journey. You are worth feeling energetic, connected, & fit.

Here at ANNIECONCEPT we believe in a holistic, natural & healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that a healthy, happy & balanced life is only possible by paying attention to body, mind & soul equally.

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